Donate a Tree

You can help us celebrate 23 years of this magical community based charitable event by donating a decorated holiday tree to the Festival of {Giving} Trees.  Your beautiful and creatively decorated tree will be photographed (videos would be great too) and displayed on our website and other social media platforms for over two weeks. They will be viewed by a countless number of people from the area.  Whether you’re advertising your business, promoting your organization, showcasing your children’s creations or decorating a tree for yourself, your family or the memory of a loved one, you’ll be proud to be an important part of this exciting annual event. And, just as they always have, our ‘guests’ will have an opportunity to purchase chances to win their tree or trees of choice.

As always, your tree donation contributes to the mission of the Festival of {Giving} Trees Organization.  Over the past twenty-two years, the Festival of {Giving} Trees has raised and donated over $696,500 to our beneficiaries. The money raised is to help the Silent Spring Institute, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition and The Cancer Center at Harrington Hospital fight the battle against breast cancer and to help fund cancer research.

Since this year presents a number of unique challenges – we are going to be doing things a little different.  We are going to ask that you set your tree up at home or business and fully decorate it as you normally would at LaSalle Hall.  Then we are going to ask you to take several pictures (and a video if you’d like) of the tree and email them to us to use in our Virtual Festival event.  If you would like, we would be happy to come to you and take pictures of your tree (with a mask and social distancing, of course).  We would love if you included a note about what the Festival means to you and why you donate a tree.  After the pictures are taken if you could then pack up your tree, we will pick everything up and put it in storage.  Unless of course you are a business and would like to exhibit your tree at your place of business and the winner could come to your location to pick up after drawing.  We can be accommodating to whatever works best for you.

Early registration is encouraged as the trees will be posted and ticket sales may begin as soon as we receive them.

You can fill out an On-Line Application or print and mail our Tree Participation Form to Festival of {Giving} Trees, PO Box 387, Sturbridge, MA  01566.

Please return the registration form by November 8th.  We will need all tree pictures BEFORE November 15th, 2020. We know this is earlier than usual but to get everything set up on line and this being our first time we may need a little extra time as we would like to open the online fundraiser on November 16th.

Thank you so much for your support and if you have any questions please contact Brenda Lacaire at 508-479-2350 or email me at  

A fun – untraditional Christmas tree theme!

Guidelines for Participation in The Festival of (Giving) Trees

  • The trees must be artificial and have a tree stand.
  • Lights on the trees are encouraged and a complimentary tree skirt is welcome.
  • Trees and stands must be new.
  • Please bring original tree boxes and/or bags to leave for the winner to use to remove their tree.
  • Decorations for the trees should reflect a holiday theme and/or a theme which reflects the work or activity that the organization is involved in.
  • All questions regarding decorations should be directed to Brenda Lacaire at 508-479-2350.
  • All decorated trees donated and exhibited at our Virtual Festival will be raffled off on Sunday, December 6, 2020.
  • Raffle tickets will be sold to raise money for our beneficiaries – Silent Spring Institute, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition and The Cancer Center at Harrington Hospital.