The Trees 2022

Tree #1 – Digging in the Dirt

Tree for the enthusiastic gardener with garden tools, pots, seeds, and $100 gift card to Sprucedale Nursery, Woodstock CT

We donate a tree because it is important to give back to community amid honoring the courage of those who travel the cancer journey.

Tree #2 – Snowing Cats and Dogs

In memory Jody J. Palmer

Tree #7 – Fun on Sundae

Different items that we need to make ice cream sundaes!

Tree #14 – Glamour & Spa

In Memory of the Glamorous and Beautiful Dawn Lindstrom

Tree #17 – Jayden’s Christmas Candy Land

In Memory of Jayden Carlson – Jayden’s Key 4 Happiness provides Christmas gifts to UMass Pediatrics

This year we have decided to donate a tree in honor of my son who has passed. In 2018 Jayden’s Keys 4 Happiness was formed…

Jk4h is a group of friends and family who honor Jayden’s memory by doing Random acts of kindness for children and families in need. Our priority is to help families with medically fragile children. Our biggest fundraising effort’s are around Christmas time. We deliver gifts to the sick kids of UMass’s 5th floor. It’s a wonderful cause as Jayden was hospitalized during the holidays on many occasions. It’s our way of giving back.

Tree #22 – Let’s Get Local

As local moms we like to support small businesses! So as a group we all went to our favorite shop and buy a gift for the tree! The tree will be decorated with local goodies on and under the tree. Bright lights and traditional décor.

Tree #27 – It’s Always Sunny at Christmas

Dedicated to Our Favorite Thriver

Tree #38 – A Groovy Christmas

In Memory of our friend Bill O’Hare

Tree comes with gift basket and 2 tickets to RAIN- A Beatles Tribute , at the Hanover Theatre on 4/11/22, 7:30pm. Also includes gift cards and a Rolling Stones carry on piece of luggage.

Tree #41 – For the Merry Birds

In Memory of Taylor Benvenuti – We Miss Baba

Tree #45 – The Best is Yet to Come

In Memory of Ciprari, Bousquet, Koumanelis, Flannery, DiMatteo, Cloutier and Osimo Families

Tree #46 – Life is Good

In Memory of Annie – “You will always be FOREVER in our hearts”

Life is Good – Try to focus on the good in your life! It might not always be easy and sometimes there might be tears, anger or fear but if we try to just think about how lucky we are it just might make our day a little brighter.

Our family was very lucky to have Annie in our lives for the time that we did and for that reason and many others I can say my Life is Good!

Tree #51 – Holidays at THT

Tree #53 – Girl Scouts Cozy Toes Swap Tree

Tree #55 – Home Sweet Home

Tree #69 – Par-Tree

In Loving Memory of Thomas Harvey

Tree #77 – Forever a Fan

In Loving Memory of Kevin Brenner

Kevin was a huge Boston Sports Fan! This tree is decorated for those who love sports, especially our New England Teams!

Tree #83 – Kendra’s Cactus

In loving memory of our late daughter and sister Kendra Iller.

Tree #84 – Lincoln House Tree

Those we love remain with us, for love itself lives on.

Tree #87 – Premier Christmas Get-Away

Ocean and beach themed ornaments, luxury cruise voucher for one of the top 4 cruise lines.

Can’t make it to the Festival… check out the online Festival!! Just follow the link below! If you have questions about the website – text Brenda at 508-479-2350 and she will try to help you. Please be patient as we will be opening the live Festival this week and will be busy setting up and running things there.