The Trees 2021

Tree #2 – O’ How I/We ‘Rish’ You Were Here

In loving memory of Bill O’Hare

Tree #3 – Kim’s Barbie Tree

In loving memory of a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. We miss you Kim!

Tree #12 – Have a Holly Dolly Christmas

Dedicated to the Women We Know, Past and Present, Affected by Cancer

Tree #20 – The Best is Yet to Come

In Memory of Ciprari, Bousquet, Koumanelis, Flannery, DiMatteo, Cloutier and Osimo Families

Tree #25 – Kev’s Team

In Loving Memory of Kevin Brenner

Tree #33 – Happy “Snappy” Camper

Tree #67 – My Michele

In Loving Memory of Michele Fuller

Tree #68 – Merry Stress-Less