The Gunnar Bjorkland Memorial Raffle

Last year the Festival of {Giving} Trees was honored to receive donations in memory of Gunnar Bjorkland when Gunnar left this world unexpectedly on Saturday, February 20, 2021. Gunnar started volunteering with the Festival when he was about 12 years old.  He was the volunteer you could ask do anything and he willingly went and accomplished it.  Gunnar eventually became a committee member and then he was on the Board of Directors.

Not only did Gunnar volunteer himself but he recruited his family and friends to come help.  He was a take charge kind of guy that got the job done.  We could always rely on his help and support for the Festival. If you would like to volunteer like Gunnar did we’d love to have you

Gunnar was truly an old soul who loved a good laugh, spending time with his family and friends and being close to those he loved. He treasured family traditions and holidays. He was a passionate and tenacious debater, especially on topics close to his heart. He was always up for a good conversation especially about Elon Musk. Most of all, Gunnar was the kindest, most loving person who always saw the good in people. He supported his friends and family and helped them see their full potential and pushed them to be their best. His “can do” attitude could not be denied. He wanted to make the world a better place. His drive, passion and positivity were contagious. You could not help but smile when Gunnar was in the room. He touched so many lives and was a force of influence to those who knew and loved him.

We have started a scholarship in Gunnar’s name that we feel represents the man Gunnar was. He took his “can do” attitude and became an Entrepreneur at a very young age. The scholarship will honor a young person with the same passion and drive that Gunnar had and we hope that we can help them make the world a better place.

We will also hold an annual raffle in Gunnar’s memory. It will a $20 raffle and will have over $2000 in prizes. The majority of the money raised will go to our beneficiaries, the same ones that Gunnar helped to raise money for and the original donated amount will be held in a special account so that we can make this an Annual Gunnar Memorial Raffle.

We haven’t finalized our plan for the 2022 raffle – stay tuned!!

The raffle tickets this year will be $20 each with the value of the prize, all of which will be won by one lucky person, is valued at over $2000!

4 thoughts on “The Gunnar Bjorkland Memorial Raffle

  1. To Gunnar: I will always remember the fun we had over the years at the Festival. You were so funny and always upbeat. As a volunteer and a member of the Festival of Giving Trees (FOGT) event committee, as well as a FOGT Board of Directors, you always gave 100%. You became not only a good friend but a part of our FOGT family. I will miss you always.

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