Glitter and Gold Tree of Joy – Tree #44

Dedicated to all of Southbridge Academy’s students, families and friends.

Donated by Southbridge Academy

 The Southbridge Academy "Glitter and Gold Tree of Joy" marks our third year of participation in the Festival. This year our school wanted to focus on creating and sharing short holiday greetings.
 It has been an annual tradition for the students and staff of Southbridge Academy to participate in the Festival of Giving Tree. This tradition has allowed our school to come together and create different ornaments (2018: origami canes and 2019: origami hearts and stars) and donate to our community. More than anything, the Festival has often allowed the students and staff to share a positive and memorable whole school activity to mark the beginning of the holidays. We wanted our donation to serve as a reminder that despite the changes and challenges this year, a simple greeting still has the ability to create a smile and a memory.