Little Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Tree #18

In Memory of my Nana and Papa
Sue and Ray Webber

Donated by Brooklyn Lamothe

My name is Brooklyn. I am 9 years old. This is my third year donating a tree to the festival. I started helping set up for my god-brothers tree a few years ago. My Nana & Papa died when I was 5. They both died 8 days apart from each other. My Nana had breast cancer and lung cancer and brain cancer. My Papa had asbestosis and emphysema. When I was 6 I asked my mommy what the trees were for. She told me that it helps to raise money to help people with cancer. I know that’s what my Nana died from. So I wanted to help in my Nana and Papa’s memory. I really like doing the trees every year now. And I am happy that a lot of people have also helped me and send stuff for the donations. Because I don’t have a lot of money to do it all by myself. I do buy some stuff myself with the money I save all year when I return cans.